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Francis Chao

Uniworld LLC

Managing Director

China Civil Aviation Report


Francis Chao, Uniworld USA

Founder and Managing Director of Uniworld LLC, Mr. Chao has for the past 23 years successfully provided marketing and consulting services for international aviation-related companies wanting to establish and expand their business in China. He has developed an intimate understanding of China's, as well as international, aviation environment, regulations and practices, and has turned to be a leading consultant and expert on the China civil aviation market. In addition to providing consultation and marketing services, he also produces a monthly publication, China Civil Aviation Report (CCAR), the only English publication, both online and in print, focusing specifically on China civil aviation industry issues and developments.

Mr. Chao continues to serve, since 1998, as contractor with the United States FAA and DoD to provide interpretation/consultation support in USA-China Civil/Military aviation exchange activities. He has gained valuable experience and a keen insight on US aviation systems and procedures. This experience and knowledge, in combination with his 20 plus years of doing business in China, studying its systems, procedures, regulations and business/cultural practices, has molded him into an extremely valuable and sought after tool for helping China and international aviation communities to work together.

Mr. Chao has been the organizer for the China General Aviation Forum since 2002. This annual event has brought hundreds of Chinese and International GA operators, suppliers, consultants, and Governmental representatives under one roof to meet and discuss how to expand General Aviation in China. Many cooperative arrangements between local and international General Aviation companies have been established due to the China GA Forum.

Mr. Chao’s contributions to China’s general aviation development and his unique role in helping China interact with its international counterparts has been recorded in detail in the new book by famous writer James Fallows, “China Airborne”, which was published in May 2012.

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