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Your "Virtual" Branch Office in China!

Virtual China Branch Office - Uniworld USA

For the company who wants to test the water without getting wet in the China market, a “Virtual” Branch Office program can be very helpful to reach maximum performance with minimal expenses, and most of all, no liability or risk.

At an affordable monthly expenditure, Uniworld can help in recruiting, training and managing an exclusive, dedicated employee for your company, working on your behalf to market and sell your product or service. This employee will be on Uniworld’s payroll and receives all logistic support, daily marketing and sales supervision.

Uniworld will provide all the knowledge, expertise and connections to assist your sales staff in identifying and qualifying business opportunities, negotiate and deliver contracts and perform customer service and support. It will be just like you have a full function branch office in China under your direction, without major investment and risk of liabilities.

All of your investment goes to daily operation to ensure maximum outcome. Uniworld plays the role of your distributor or dealer in business transaction when needed to make sure the contract is enforced in a way that meets all parties’ requirements and the payment is fully collected as scheduled.

For business reference and more details on the “Virtual” Branch Office project, please contact us by e-mail.  

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