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Your "Virtual" Branch Office in China!

After more than two decades of helping companies successfully introduce products and services into the China market, Uniworld knows the market, the people, the language, the customs and what it takes to succeed.

China marketing surveys and analyses are available through Uniworld and its affiliates to help determine the market potential for your company. We can develop a database to target those decision-makers and end-users ( as well as those who are influential in the decision-making process) throughout China who are critical for the successful marketing of your particular products and services. Uniworld provides marketing research and studies in China's Civil Aviation Industry: commercial aviation, general aviation, aircraft, airports, airline operations, ATC/ATM, maintenance, ground support, spare parts, regulations and any other facet of this rapidly growing market.

Uniworld works with many government and privately owned research institutes, engineering and consulting companies to conduct Policy Studies, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies, Cost Assessments, Bidding and Evaluations, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Inspections for Acceptance and more.

Lobbying (there probably is no "lobbying" in China as we in the US understand it, but Uniworld's wide range of contacts in the mid- to high-levels of the structure of Civil Aviation enable us to get the attention needed to move projects ahead.)

Our extensive knowledge of the China market helps companies address all due diligence concerns. Uniworld takes pains to see that you don't get burned.

Uniworld can help you increase your presence and public relations in China. Website construction, advertisement designs, promotional campaigns, presentations and seminars, and exhibition (expos, conventions, meeting and forums) presence are all well within Uniworld's capabilities.

A simple and affordable consultation arrangement can be established, so you can have your in-house expert in doing business with China when needed. Our regular consultations and advisors can assist you moving forward to your goal and success in China; one thing is guaranteed, that our consultation services can prevent you from making serious and catastrophic mistakes that are common to many foreign companies trying to do business with China.

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