What if you had the chance to be a hero for a child's dream of flying, inspiring another soul towards daring to fly- would you do it?

If the answer is yes, you can do so by helping me put your decommissioned, non-airworthy aircraft to good use. We are establishing a chain of general aviation museums in China to provide children and all those interested the opportunity to sit in your cockpit while watching a video that shows how much one can enjoy flying and that conveys the sense of excitement you have experienced in it all these years. If you choose to help, your name will be remembered by thousands of Chinese children and young people who will admire your generosity and faith.

Our goal is to retrofit an old, decommissioned, non-functioning, and non-airworthy aircraft that is not missing any major parts (e.g. aircraft that parked at airport for years without operation) for display in our museum. We will remove the wings, discharge the oil and fuel, discard the battery, and ship it to China in a container for reassembly and a new paint job.

The aircraft will be named after you to show our appreciation for your generosity (yes, your name on a big shining plate both on the aircraft and on the display ground). We will also need your help in recording a 30-mintue video with you talking about yourself and your airplane. We want you to pass your passion for flying to another young soul, a person for whom flying was out of the question until now.

We will assure you that your aircraft will be displayed for the purpose we described above. You are welcome to visit your aircraft any time should you ever come to China, and we would be more than happy to cover all of your local expenses (up to 3 days) while you are visiting (be prepared to meet some of your fans there).

The Operation Dream of Flying is a unique program designed to help China understand that general aviation is for the general public and that a bottom-up model is the only model for building this long overdue industry. Only when a significant amount of people start taking discovery flights and signing up for flight lessons can a GA airport survive with minimal operations, gradually training more pilots and instructors to operate more aircraft in China's sky. The top-down model that China is implementing right now cannot be sustained; that is why not much progress has been made toward developing GA in the last 20 years.

As someone who has spent the past 15 years promoting GA in China and watching time go by without great satisfaction, I hope that you can share this vision of the future of Chinese GA with me. Your support can help inspire a generation of young people to take their first discovery flight and finally connect with China's sky. Your inspiration can help open China's airspace for millions of young people who will finally be given the freedom to fly if they wanted to. Flying an airplane is not supposed to be an unattainable dream- it should be an option open to everybody.

Over the years, the Young Eagles program in the US has sent millions of children into the sky for their first discovery flights. Now, before China officially opens low altitude airspace for GA, your donated aircraft can do the next best thing for China's kids who can sit in your cockpit and build their dreams.


1,How can I be sure that you will not retrofit the aircraft and sell it?

We will send you a photo every year for the next five years to show your aircraft in action. Also, you are more than welcome to visit your aircraft yourself, in which case we will cover your local expenses (up to 3 days) while you are there.

2,Will this cost me anything?

No, we will take care of all expenses, including the aircraft's shipping and retrofit.

3,Can I name my aircraft with somebody else's name?

Yes, since the purpose of the naming is to honor your contribution, it is up to you to name the aircraft any name you like. For example, you might choose to feature you and your spouse's names together.

4,Can I determine the new design and color?

Of course, it would be our pleasure if you could join us in giving your aircraft a second life. Maybe you can create a design that can win a young innocent smile.

5,What happened if my aircraft is missing major component and parts?

Please contact us and we will do the research to see if we can find the parts to make it complete.

6,What if I want to sell my aircraft to you for a certain price?

We will consider your request by searching for sponsors in China who will pay to get their name on your aircraft. Please contact us and let us know your asking price. If we buy your aircraft, you will not be classified as a donor and partner of the program.